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Transform The Way You Fight Fraud

Expedite identity screening, seamless fraud pattern detection, and streamlined case management, enabling swift decision-making to protect customers from fraudsters.

Flow diagram depicting AML checks against Sanctions list using custom alerts and biometric screening

It’s Complicated

Complex Perils That Demand Strategic Attention

Ineffective fraud prevention fosters multiple risks. If left unchecked, it may have unanticipated and wide-ranging effects, necessitating the development of specific risk mitigation techniques.

Non-Compliance Regulatory

Inefficient compliance attracts regulatory attention, subjecting organizations to in-depth inspections, audits, and heightened scrutiny.

  • Regulatory Monitoring Risks
  • Reputational Damage
  • Loss of Competitive advantage
  • Potential Legal Penalties

Financial Obligations

Inadequate fraud controls subject organizations to ongoing financial losses driven by malicious activities, leading to capital degradation.

  • Financial Loss
  • Capital Flight
  • Economic Repercussions
  • Stifled Growth

Escalating Technology Risks

Frequently, outdated fraud prevention measures are open to exploitation by tech-savvy fraudsters.

  • Outdated AML solutions
  • Cyberspace vulnerabilities
  • Scalability restrictions
  • Compliance technology gaps
  • Expensive technology fixes

Operational Disruption

Significant false positives drain resources, delay and strain human resources, resulting in decreased operational efficiency.

  • Excessive false positives
  • Human resources strain
  • Slow processing transactions
  • Resource misallocation
  • Deteriorated risk management gap

Efficient Operations

Transform Fraud Prevention with All-Inclusive Screening

AML Watcher offers a holistic, risk-based approach to combat the intricate web of fraud activities. Employ rigorous AML regulations, regular risk analysis, diligent fraud detection, and robust preventative measures using:

Components of regulations to adhere for global AML compliance

Stay Compliant With Regulatory Frameworks

Adhere to growing AML requirements, minimizing the risks of regulatory and harsh penalties, and supporting operational stability and compliance goodwill.

  •  Advanced Regulatory Compliance
  • 1300+ Watch lists
  • 4 tier PEP Screening
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Industry-Specific Compliance
  • Personalized Blacklists/ Whitelists

Infographic showing how to prevent capital loss with AML Screening and secure cash conversion cycle

Accelerate Your Capital Conversion

AML watcher’s competent fraud prevention screening reduces the probability of financial crime and capital loss with:

  • Rapid Monitoring
  • Built-in workflow to minimize manual input
  • Configurable multi-stage screening
  • Recognize fraudsters exploiting capital
  • One-time integration reduces operational cost

Visual guide depicting process of risk management

Enhance Your Risk Management To Perfection

Enable competent fraud prevention controls to strengthen risk management capabilities and facilitate proactive screening. Evaluate and mitigate financial threats and boost overall financial stability by:

  • Implementing Adaptive Risk Modules
  • Configurable multi-stage screening
  • Proactive risk minimization
  • Strategic Audit trails
  • Real-time alerts

Measures to enable fraud prevention and operational excellence

Attain Operational Excellence With Robust Deployment

Empowers your organization with powerful real-time fraud protection features and streamlines your workflows with customizable and secure API that offers instant access to industry-leading data.

  • On-premises deployment
  • Seamless user interface
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reduced false positive rates
  • Easy integration
  • Unlimited batch screening

Comprehensive Insight

Handle Customer Screening With Confidence

Transform the way you make decisions by combining manual risk navigation with AI/ML risk detection, enabling high performance, global risk evaluation and, advanced screening measures, including:

Precise handling of aliases with biometric AML

Tailored risk scoring for robust alerts using risk score engine

Blocking complex fraud with custom whitelisting/blacklisting

Detect, Protect, and Comply

Pioneering Simplicity & Reliability Across Industries

Lead the industry with cutting-edge innovations and proactive measures for risk mitigation, including:

Reduce Fraud Activities

Limit fraudsters to misuse opportunities and use of false identities.

Enhanced onboarding experience

Streamline the screening process and enhance user onboarding.

Ongoing prevention

Customizing verification flows across the entire user lifecycle.

Adaptable Screening

Adjust your screening parameters to align with industry-specific risk appetite.

Get Compliance Right

Reduce Needless Friction Today!

Employ a comprehensive fraud mitigation suite, real-time data orchestration, and adaptive ML/AI-powered automation.

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