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Discover Vendor Risk with One-tap Screening

Build investor confidence, contribute to a culture of ethical business conduct, and reinforce the organization's commitment to integrity and compliance with industry-specific, end-to-end vendor screening.

AML Watcher: Vendor Screening this infographic shows Guard Business Integrity By Unveiling Vendor Risks

Vendor Risk Surveillance

Navigate through Challenges with Reduced Effort

AML Watcher offers tailored, end-to-end vendor background screening checks, facilitating minimized exposure to regulatory and reputational risks from within and across the supply chain network.

Attain Actionable Risk Intelligence Streams

Access aggregated data from hundreds of data points from trustworthy industry, news, cybersecurity, and financial sources, available around the clock. Completely integrated with the global vendor repository for business-wise collaboration and visibility.

Automate Screening For Quick Vendor Onboarding

Boost the vendor screening journey through our customized vendor portals. Detect issues immediately, preserving valuable time and resources by avoiding engagements with unviable enterprises.

Alleviate Risks With Rigorous Vendor Screening

Powered by industry-leading data sources, AML Watcher offers end-to-end and practical vendor risk analysis. Maximize vendor screening standards with PEPs and global high-risk sanctions lists.

Stay Updated With Real-Time Vendor Risk Analysis

Generate alerts about potential risks, such as modification in vendor status, risk level, and other business-specific risks, to make informed choices and preventative actions.

Secure Progression Solutions

Screen Simply, Progress Quickly

Screen and determine the legitimacy of your counterparts with advanced measures, including:

AML Watcher: Vendor Screening Beneficial Ownership Structures

Beneficial Ownership Structures

Discover the ultimate proprietors and beneficiaries within your complex supply chain using the network analysis expertise of AML Watcher.

AML Watcher: Vendor Screening  this infographic shows Ongoing Business Risk

Ongoing Business Risk

Implement continuous screening to vigilantly monitor alterations in vendor risk profiles, encompassing adverse media exposure, political affiliations, and ownership modifications.

AML Watcher: Vendor Screening this infographic shows Supply Chain Operations

Supply Chain Operations

Minimize disruptions in vendor selection through our streamlined and expedited due diligence process that is comprehensive and efficient.

AML Watcher: Vendor Screening this infographic shows Screening Configurations

Screening Configurations

Optimize the screening process with our adaptable parameters, including custom risk scoring and flexible risk thresholds to align with your business's risk appetite and operational needs of your business.

Problematic Deal

Deutsche Bank Found Guilty Of Bribery And Spoofing Charges

Deutsche Bank has been implicated in global-scale commodities fraud and allegations of bribes to secure commercial deals through third parties, paying over $130 million in fines.

Inadequate internal accounting controls for intermediaries.

Inefficient due diligence for its consultants who were PEP-listed.

False invoices and documentation to misreport the payments.

Maximize legitimate business expenses for inaccurate records.

Get Compliance Right

Minimize Liabilities with Vendor Screening

Dynamically identify updates, new risks, and vendor profiles with alerts that keep you informed.

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