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360°, Adaptable Risk Assessment Your Way

Attain global compliance standards using automated processes to detect long-tail coverage risks from a variety of types, languages, and geographical regions.

AML Watcher  Risk Assessment : the infographic shows 360°, Proactive and Adaptable Risk Assessment

Challenges in Risk Assessment

Contrary to Popular Compliance Advantages

Corruption Risk

The emerging scale of FCPA enforcement penalties signifies corruption and bribery as an ongoing dilemma for compliance officers. Business growth opportunities barely align with mandatory, compliance demonstrating a keen need for efficient risk assessment.

Emerging Risk

The intricate network of regulations poses an obstacle to achieving ISAE-3000 advocating effective risk assessment controls. In light of the evolving sanctions landscape, collecting holistic customer data poses a formidable challenge for businesses.

Industry Specific Risk

Under strict jurisdictional penalties,  businesses often find themselves on the receiving end of questions about partnering with high-risk partners and entities. Meeting regulatory requisites of real-time data, adaptable risk scores, and automated due diligence emerges as a struggle.

Reputational Risk

Reputational damage from partnering with high-risk businesses is equivalent to disruption posed by regulatory enforcement. Technological advancements to manage high-risk businesses are constantly challenging businesses for effective AML controls.

Differentiate Your Assessment

Navigate Through Challenges, Lead Beyond Measures

Risk intelligence has relied on subjective human expertise for too long. Fill out gaps with automated, multi-layered, robust risk assessment.

AML Watcher  Risk Assessment : the infographic shows Regulatory frameworks such as OFAC’s 50 Percent Rule and EU’s

Unravel “What” and “How” across the journey

Regulatory frameworks such as OFAC’s 50 Percent Rule and EU’s guidelines are mainly explicit and pose a struggle to adhere to them.
Discover actionable insights emphasizing “how” to ensure compliance while retaining unique operational models and objectives.

  • Personalized “Add List” Function
  • Structured Customer Profiles
  • AI Risk Detection Capabilities
  • Industry-Specific Compliance

AML Watcher Risk Assessment : the infographic shows Regulatory requirements strain operational efficiency

Regulatory requirements strain operational efficiency

Drive consistency across business units and global outlets by transforming documented policies into efficient workflow processes with AML Watcher’s comprehensive, timeless, and automated processes.

  • Proprietary Entity Linking Technology
  • Sophisticated Network Analysis Tools
  • Secondary Matching Capabilities
  • Preset Matching Parameters

AML Watcher Risk Assessment : the infographic shows Risk assessment across the scale

Risk assessment across the scale

Businesses with expanded operations have millions of partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers to screen against risk. Taking an overly narrow approach can miss red flags, bringing up false negatives while, following a broader approach can yield unnecessary false positives to analyze and process.

Redirect focus on higher risks using:

  • Adaptable Risk Settings
  • Customized Alert Thresholds
  • Fuzzy Logic Matching
  • Custom Whitelisting/Blacklisting

AML Watcher Risk Assessment : the infographic shows Expand cross-border business without risks

Expand cross-border business without risks

Complex sanctions regimes are technical and pose a challenge to abide by them. Understand sanctions exposure and know far beyond how customers are named on a list to smart risk assessment using specific details including name, biometric facial screening, date of birth, and unique identifier enabling:

  • Accurate And Precise Matching
  • Ultra-Low False Positives
  • Reduced Wait Time For Results
  • Efficient Compliance

Compliance Crisis

All-In-One Compliance Solutions For Every Sector

Discover our comprehensive compliance solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of every sector. Whether you're in finance, healthcare, or any other industry, our all-in-one package ensures you stay on top of regulations, giving you peace of mind and room to focus on what you do best.

Tailored Compliance Solutions

Proactive Regulation Monitoring

Strategic Compliance Frameworks

Industry-Adapted Compliance Protocols

Get Compliance Right

Reduce Reliance, Simplify Compliance

Discover the technology-led power of AML Watcher in securing your business efficiency.

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