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Empower Customer Onboarding with Speed

Comply with today’s need for fast onboarding slash reduced wait time with automated, streamlined, and secure customer onboarding. Drill down risk exposure with one-stop, multi-tier onboarding solutions.

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AML Watcher Customer Onboarding: image of user id is been approved from AML Watcher

Innovative AML Compliance Solutions

Easy-to-use Screening at every step of the customer lifecycle

First-ever AML Solution helping users lead the way in KYC Compliance

AML Watcher Customer Onboarding offers verification of Scalable risk assessment, industry-specific risk management and Biometric Verification


Personalize onboarding and make the user experience enjoyable with AML Watcher’s cutting-edge technology enabling, clear insight into every customer, delivering a comprehensive and compliant experience to users.


Secure user onboarding with unparalleled expertise and advanced technology that streamlines the remediation process with meticulous attention to risk assessment, safeguarding users from financial threats and potential damage.

AML Watcher Risk-free customers experties with Real-time updated alerts, gaps in customer data, workflows with updates

AML Watcher Due Diligence offers Custom Whitelisting/Blacklisting, Risk profiling and Network Analysis

Due Diligence

Enable proactive risk mitigation by gaining an in-depth view of the customer lifecycle through intricate customer network analysis and enhanced due diligence, empowering your business to develop a resilient defense against dynamic threats.

AML Watcher Proactive monitoring offers and represents Suspicious activity reports, Continuous tracking and Custom risk scoring

Proactive monitoring

Don’t just screen. Experience an enjoyable AML compliance journey by embracing a dynamic approach that detects anomalies, anticipates risks, and ensures real-time insight with a seamless onboarding experience and unmatched peace of mind.

AML Watcher offers Exact Name Matching like John Jacob, Jacob john and Jhon H Jacob. John Jacob is real name

Exact Name Matching

Discover ultra-low false positives, accurate alerts with precise name matching and advanced measures including phonetic analysis, proximal name matching, and cross-cultural matching, setting a new standard for detecting intricate layers of similarity.

How we help

Four Problems, One Modular Solution

Transform your risk assessment with. an all-compliant suite of onboarding.

Fight with involuntary customer attrition by transforming the “one size fits all” strategy with a scalable and contextual approach to match the unique needs of every customer, promising faster onboarding and improved customer retention.

Alleviate repetition strain for MLROs by optimizing workflows with a structured and de-duplicated view of customer profiles, history, and sanction checks, fostering enjoyable user experience while enabling a clear and automated detection of the risks involved.

Enterprises are spending an average of $60 million on KYC Compliance. Leverage our data-driven smart onboarding solution, which helps you recover 80% of the revenue spent on failed processing. Start handling complex scenarios on a budget requiring minimal human involvement.

AML Watcher gives one modular solution of all four problems like Customer overview, Risk assessment, Cost optimisation and Simplified monitoring

Understanding the Challenges

FinCEN declared Riggs as non-compliant

According to the FinCEN report, Riggs Bank, a prominent Washington, D.C.  financial institution, AML program was found to be deficient in all four elements required by AML regulations

Onboarded foreign embassy accounts without AML checks

Failed to implement business-specific risk assessment

Weak monitoring & and detection of suspicious activity

Inefficient in-house compliance training programs

Get Compliance Right

Say Goodbye to Complex Onboarding

Experience the future of fast and accurate onboarding with AML Watcher.

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