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Lead The Way with One-Tap Media Monitoring

Across an interconnected global economy, keeping pace with changing risk status is undeniable. Accelerate due diligence and risk mitigation processes with AML Watcher’s Adverse Media Screening & access a vast repertoire of global media databases to identify risks before they pose a threat to your business.

Flowchart of adverse news from web and licensed sources to search API

Adverse Media Screening

Simplified Solution for Complex Adverse Media

The fast-paced world of news hints toward rising risks for customers and entities facing increased compliance risk. AML Watcher delivers quality, structured, and credible adverse media information from reputable global media outlets, facilitating a confident compliance experience.

Informed Decisions

Witness the power of our AI-driven, smart, and precise search algorithms to scan global media sources, providing the most accurate matches while keeping in view the most recent and relevant news.

Broad Media Coverage

Leverage AML Watcher’s capability of scanning thousands of global news sources, blogs, forums, social media articles, and more, ensuring comprehensive media coverage, leaving no risk unchecked.

AI-Driven Insights

Integrate the intuitive power of AI to sift through vast amounts of data. Our state-of-the-art sentiment analysis techniques facilitate relevant adverse media content, reducing noise and false positives.

Flexible Parameters

Set custom search parameters, keywords, and risk scores tailored to your organization's needs and industry security standards.

Global Compliance

Adverse News Screening

Media travel faster than we can comprehend. AML Watcher ensures you're always a step ahead. Our tool's capability to screen and analyze vast amounts of media data in real-time ensures you're always informed, helping you make better decisions and maintain compliance.

Comprehensive Media Database

Screen and monitor thousands of global news sources, including:

  • Major News Outlets
  • Financial News
  • Regulatory Blogs and Forums
  • Industry-specific Publications
  • Local and Regional News

Tailored Risk Analysis

Customize risk parameters based on:

  • Geographical Regions
  • Type of Media
  • Specific Entities or Individuals
  • Industry-specific Risks

Continuous Monitoring & Alerts

Stay proactive with

  • Real-time Adverse Media Alerts
  • Scheduled Media Reports
  • Historical Media Data Analysis
  • Entity-specific Media Profiles
  • Sentiment Analysis

Chart of adverse news by volume, Cards showing anomaly score and expected volume and bar chart of most common adverse news categories

How it Works

Simplify Adverse Media Screening

Maintaining access to high-quality adverse media check, both structured and unstructured, is essential to being able to identify potential risks and make informed decisions during on-boarding as well as on-going monitoring in order to comply with rules and regulations to drive your business forward with confidence.

Keyword Refinement

Execute searches based on specific keywords to pinpoint adverse mentions in news articles, social media content, regulatory documents, and other publicly available sources to filter misconduct, bribery, fraud, money laundering, terrorist funding, and other illicit actions.

Data Aggregation

Adverse media information is scattered across various platforms, from news outlets and social media to court documents and regulatory reports. AML Watcher merges unstructured information using data aggregation techniques, ensuring a comprehensive view of potential risks tied to specific individuals or entities.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Breaking down sentences into n-grams and noun phrases to extract the themes and facets within unstructured text documents. Employing machine learning and algorithmic techniques, NLP sifts through vast amounts of adverse media content, pinpointing potential risks linked to individuals or organizations.

Entity Resolution

Connect the dots by identifying and associating data related to the same individual or organization from diverse sources. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, consolidate fragmented data, highlighting potential risks linked to distinct individuals or groups.

Adverse Media Mandates

Global Regulations Made Easy with Adverse News Screening

Adverse media screening is not just a best practice; it's a regulatory requirement. Several global regulations emphasize the importance of understanding the public profile of customers, especially in the financial sector.

Infographic of a globe with all the regulatory bodies that require firms to screen for adverse media.

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