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AML Watcher Industry Solutions

We help businesses detect fraud and maintain regulatory compliance. Upscale your business operations with a one-stop solution designed to
elevate your business. From flexible infrastructure, custom experiences, and seamless integration to on-premise solutions, guide your business
toward AML compliance with us.

Financial Services

Improve Quality And Compliance, Not Just Cost & Reliance

Solve the industry's toughest challenges for financial services with AML Watcher. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, entities can enable comprehensive resources to manage compliance within a user-friendly platform.

Compliance Made Simple

Compliance can be complex and daunting, but not with AML Watcher. Screen your customers and partners against millions of unified data sources, enabling quality AML screening.

Cross-Border Screening

Grow beyond jurisdictional limitations. Leverage a comprehensive index, localized in 80+ languages, to ensure compliance with regional, national, and international standards against illicit activities.

Track Customer Data

Keep pace with evolving customer data with continuous ongoing monitoring and efficient audit trails, enabling data management, storage, and analysis to be more accessible than ever.

Uncover Complex Networks

Crimes are evolving, so must be your screening measures. Using advanced network analysis and AI/ML algorithms, avoid sophisticated tactics threatening your financial institution.

Securities Commissions

Mitigate the Risks Without Mitigating Customer Base

Preserving market trust is pivotal to maintaining the integrity of financial markets. Access the most updated tools and prevent insider trading, financial crimes, and investor protection across business units.

Risk Assessment

  • Consolidated global database
  • Custom risk-scoring models
  • Proximal name matching
  • Real-time updated risk evaluation

Risk Mitigation

  • Compliance across 235+ countries and states
  • Set up ongoing monitoring for high-risk cases
  • Economic Repercussions
  • Stifled Growth

Due Diligence

  • In-depth screening across diverse databases
  • Uncover hidden linkages with the AI intuitive power of AML Watcher
  • Adaptable PEP risk levels for business-specific risk alerts
  • Identify upcoming risks within seconds
  • Expensive technology fixes

Ongoing Monitoring

  • Get a complete view of the customer with biometric AML
  • Consistent scrutinization of risk profile, source funds, etc.
  • Undertake reviews of existing records
  • Enable structured view of customer profiles


Detect Risk to Never Let Threat Persist

With higher net worth comes higher risk. Prevent your business from being used to launder corrupt practices by accessing global information about high-profile customers, affiliated entities, and extended networks before they become threats.

Onboard Customers Efficiently, Quickly, And Cost Effectively

  • Stay on top by screening across worldwide jurisdictions
  • Receive real-time updated data against industry-specific risks
  • Understand the sentiment of adverse media, level of PEPs, and range of risk exposure related to customers
  • Enhance operational efficiency with relevant alerts and fewer false positives, requiring minimal manual effort
  • User-friendly interface enables robust insight into a structured and 360-degree view of customer profiles.

Consistently Monitor Customers To Safeguard Your Reputation

  • Enhance customer experience with risk-focused due diligence
  • Analyze risks from across 80+ languages and 235+ countries and states
  • Find exact face matches with speed and accuracy of biometrics
  • Immediate alerts when a customer status changes from zero to high-risk
  • Spend less time remediating alerts with accurate matches in one go

Venture Capital Expertise

Empower Your Businesses with Safety and Efficiency

Save time, manage investors, protect your reputation, and deliver an excellent AML experience with a highly centralized database and holistic understanding of customer risk to make informed capital decisions while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Quick Decision-Making

Foster a delightful user experience while staying compliant with best practices. Ensure that you onboard all of the investors and limited partners (LPs) in line with the fund close timeframe with ease.

Investor-Specific Customization

Onboard real customers with ease. Discover the best choice for AML Screening with customer-focused, tailored in-house solutions enabling an automated screening process with investor-specific risk screening.

Risk Assessment

Grow the mutual share of wallet with streamlined and tailored AML solutions. Simplify the risk assessment process with scalable alert thresholds, automated screening, and enhanced due diligence, delivering the highest convenience across industries.

Privacy & Security

Meet global compliance requirements with multi-tier security protocols to minimize venture capital risk of financial crime, fraud, and money laundering with AML Watcher.

Quick Criminal Investigation

Safeguard national integrity by relying on the world-class screening platform AML Watcher to handle the most global screening challenges. Identify and track financial fraud related to corruption, money laundering, and bribery to apprehend and prosecute bad actors within and across organizations.

Deliver Smart Screening

Leverage automated back office operations and reduce the manual effort spent on mundane tasks. Create a smarter screening approach with specialized tools that tap into intelligence data and intuitive assessment for robust risk mitigation.

Challenge-Focused Screening

Say goodbye to traditional screening and complicated reports. Transform your operation into still imagery via the actionable intelligence of AML Watcher. By integrating the highest level of precision and security, we enable innovative and action-focused screening, reducing time and false positives.


Quickly Identify Hidden Risks With Insurance Screening

The increasingly complex nature of insurance and evolving regulations are barriers to effective AML compliance. Our flexible solutions enable organizations to uncover suspicious actors in real time and streamline the agent & broker relationship by keeping up with constantly changing regimes.

Custom Risk Scoring Rule

Screening, identifying, minimizing, and processing risks that customers bring along is complicated to manage, but not with AML Watcher. Easily navigate through millions of alerts and massive datasets by setting your custom scores to tailor assessment, due diligence, and ongoing monitoring depending on your business risk appetite or legal regulations.

Risk-Based Customer Segmentation

Among the massive flow of insurance funds, classify onboarded users on unique risk scores to segment them as low, medium, and high-risk customers and make informed decisions.

Reduced Manual Workload

Avoid needless re-screening and overscreening by directing focus on what matters. Automated customer segmentation, adaptable risk scoring, tailored monitoring, and complete audit trail tracking reduce the chances of human error, depicting a top-class screening process with no manual workload against insurance risks.

Detect Connections & Relationships

Analyze hidden connections, relationships, anomalies, and associations between individuals and entities to prevent fraud. Abstain your business from facilitating fraudsters who might submit fake claims to manipulate insurance by detecting suspicious patterns and ceasing threats to persist.

Gaming & Gambling

Efficient and Smart Player Screening in Seconds

Foster a seamless gaming experience anywhere, anytime. Leverage the highly configurable platform of AML Watcher and keep abreast of changing regulations and the nature of crimes to avoid legal repercussions.

Receive Daily Updates

Get a comprehensive view of every player, background information, network linkages, and more with a consolidated database and tailored risk scoring. It enables quick alerts when a player changes its risk status.

Ensure Safe Experience

Stay on top of the line in maintaining safe gaming operations by completely abiding by legal regulations. Protect your platform from financial crime and reputational damage, and be a safe gaming operator.

Expedite Processes and Results

By deploying fully automated processes, let AML Watcher do the hard work of optimizing resource-intensive tasks with automatic ongoing monitoring, case management, and complete track of audit trails, enabling business entities to stay ahead of emerging and evolving risks.

Trade and Supply Chain

Screen Across All Dimensions Of Your Supply Chain Vendor

Identify seamlessly, securely, and compliantly with our intelligent, automated checks against millions of suppliers and tap into a 360-degree view of money laundering across, in, and out of all the trade and supply chain links associated with an individual or entity.

Enable Effective Risk Assessment

By deploying enhanced due diligence, measuring high-risk third parties, and simplifying the onboarding experience for your customers. Leverage custom risk scoring and geographical risk mapping that allow businesses to approach supply chain vendors that foster compliance.

Discover Tech-Driven Risk Mitigation

Each business is unique, so must be your compliance strategy. Tailor the screening process with AML Watcher by integrating fuzzy logic matching, a custom add list feature, scalable pep levels, and geographical risk mapping to match the unique risk appetite of your business.

Outpace Competitors With New Approaches

By deploying fully automated processes, let AML Watcher do the hard work of optimizing resource-intensive tasks with automatic ongoing monitoring, case management, and complete track of audit trails, enabling business entities to stay ahead of emerging and evolving risks.

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