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Effortless Sanctions Compliance Made Possible

Leverage a platform that overcomes the challenge of meeting changing compliance needs with real-time consolidated data, holding the line against false positives, identity fraud, and money laundering.

AML Watcher Sanctions Compliance verify false positives, identity fraud, and money laundering of a user

Proactive Compliance with AI

Smooth Screening is the New Standard

Navigate the complexities of industry standards with adept precision, ensuring your organization not only meets but exceeds regulatory expectations.


AML Watcher Sanctions Compliance offers verification of a user from which country he is on PEP watchlist, Sanction list and Adverse media.

Long Tail Sanctions Database

Elevate your customer screening methodology by leveraging the AML Watcher's consolidated index, which provides access to the latest, most comprehensive, and up-to-date data from government sources, consumer records, PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) databases, sanctions lists, adverse media, and a myriad of international compliance regulations.

AML Watcher identify hidden corruption of a user how much he did corruption from one institute

Detect Hidden Ties & Structures

Unmask hidden connections and close associated and complex entity structures in seconds by deploying data-linking technology. Screen among PEP, Sanctions, and diverse categories of financial crime by not letting indirect connections and familial associations distract from flagging precise matches.

its shows that your case in AML Watcher Sanction Compliance is in-Review, declined or approved.

Tailored Compliance Solutions

Your business workflow is unique, so it must be your compliance needs. Overcome translation and transliteration issues and handle typos, titles, prefixes, and suffixes with a customizable approach, ensuring your business finds exactly what it needs to stay compliant.

AML Watcher using Ai Risk Management to verify Data driven insight, Predictive analytics and continuous improvement

AI-Powered, Human Driven Screening Power

Reduce the chances of error and alert fatigue by using AI-driven AML Screening technology for advanced due diligence and risk mitigation solutions. Discover hidden ties and complex entity linkages to comply with regulations advocated by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Compliance Crisis

OFAC Imposes Sanctions on ZTE Corporation for Illicit Corporate Crime

OFAC imposes punitive measures on ZTE Corporation for violating international trade laws through illicit corporate actions, enforcing compliance, and deterring future infractions.

The importance of sanctions compliance becomes evident with OFAC’s declaration of Sanctions on ZTE Corporation, pleading guilty to pay $4 Million. The company's failure to adhere to various regulations led to significant repercussions and penalties, including sanctions related to:

  • Engaging in business with a country under strict U.S. sanctions
  • Non-compliance with global sanctions resulting in hefty penalties and reputational damage
  • Employed deceptive, hidden corporate structures to avoid sanctions
  • Inefficient due diligence on partners and companies, especially those subject to sanctions

Avoid such pitfalls by moving away from traditional screening and widespread false positives to real-time automated sanction compliance for robust risk mitigation.

AML Watcher Sanctions Compliance shows when user is been sanctioned, how much he been fined and how much fine he paid.

Encompassing regional, national, and international listings

When it comes to sanctions, a wide range of rules apply in different places - within regions, sub-regions, countries, and even worldwide. These lists depict how governments and groups use these rules to accomplish and attain the mutual benefit of business goals and compliance with global sanction regimes.


Sanctions Regimes


Covered Countries


Supported Languages

Get Compliance Right

Simplify Sanctions Compliance

Help identify risks within and across your business by filling the gaps using all-compliant AML controls.

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