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Your Domain, Your Rules With On-Premise Solutions 

Discover the freedom of in-house security customization with a feature-rich, on-premise solution enabling unmatched control, precision, and security while screening your customers instantly, globally, and thoroughly.

Align Better With

One Time Installation, Long Term Security Benefits

Operating in a complex and high-risk business environment is challenging when third parties get involved. Fortify your defenses against risks by implementing AML Watcher's intuitive on-premise solutions empowering businesses to thrive in even the most critical environment.

Enable User-friendly, Accessible Solutions

Experience full control over customer data, screening privacy, and business confidentiality with in-house AML screening solutions that

  • Operational Flexibility
  • Prompt Search Results
  • Enhanced Customer Trust
  • Compliance With Data Privacy Regulations

Secure Solution For Data Sensitive Business

Operate in a high-risk environment with complete confidence where data security is crucial and on-premise solutions are essential. Verify your customers without exposing your customer data and confidential information to any third-party screening providers.Lead the way with the most profound, robust, and real-time in-house solutions enabling:

  • Enhanced Customer Trust
  • Better Reputation
  • Secure Screening
  • Reduced Cyber Attacks

Access The Entire Screening Suite With Ease

Leverage the benefits of in-house robust screening service, accessible with just one-time installation allowing you to access a full suite of multi-tier, multi-faceted screening on your servers with reduced implementation time and fortified security. Choose among our range of robust screening tools driven to empower your business with:

  • Highly Automated Solutions
  • Customized Risk Parameters
  • Advanced Technology Integration
  • Enhanced Layer of Scrutiny

Streamline Workflow With Personalized AML Experience

Align your screening process with the specific business needs of each industry. Each business is unique, so must be their strategy to adopt. AML Watcher’s on-premise solutions streamline your workflows with biometric AML, custom risk thresholds, and more personalized features including:

  • Custom Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • Custom “Add List” Feature
  • Adaptable Risk Scoring Engine

Comply with Transparency

Your Path To Trust, Control, And Transparency

Discover the seamless working of our robust system, empowering organizations with secure and precise in-house control for a fortified and transparent risk management journey across business units.

On-Premise Solution

Empowering Compliance with Data Security

AML Watcher enables companies to conduct AML screening of their customers by storing and managing datasets on their own servers. No third-party can access the customers’ data, be it your service provider or customers. Keep your company and clients secure from any kinds of data thefts or privacy breaches.

Reduced Risk of Data Breaches

Scalable Screening

Fast Processing

Data Privacy and Ownership

Enhanced Customer Trust

Flexible & Adaptable

Equifax Hit With Record Data Breach Of 147 Million People

Equifax, a major credit reporting company suffered a massive data breach by exposing the personal information of 147 million people. The breach highlighted vulnerabilities among the agency’s core cybersecurity measures including:

Inadequate security measures to address a known vulnerability and prompt reaction to guard against dynamic risks.

Lack of monitoring control which enabled attackers to remain undetected for an extended period of time


Businesses gain complete control over their customer data and help safeguard against fraudulent activities with

Continuous Updates

Abiding by the commitment to security, AML Watcher ensures complete peace of mind that comes with continuously updated information reaching your server in no time.

Customizable Solution

AML Watcher offers unparalleled customization. Personalize your risk criteria, shape screening processes, and adapt effortlessly to your unique requirements that perfectly align with your business goals.

Easy Integration

Experience a smooth and efficient adoption process by which AML Watcher blends into your server, channeling security adoption into a smooth and streamlined process.

Maintain Security

Empower Your Security Strategy Now

Elevate control, trust, and transparency with AML Watcher's On-Premise Solution
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