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Comply Better with Effortless Watchlist Screening

Effective compliance and strong customer relationships start with a smart watchlist screening strategy. Updated and reliable AML Watchlists within AML Watcher deliver best-in-class screening experience, helping organizations to cost-effectively comply with increasingly complex compliance regulations.

Logos of different sources of watchlists included in our database.

Automate with Confidence

Reduce Manual Effort with User-Friendly Technology

Leveraging industry-proven functionality and the ability to automate compliance workflows is a rapidly growing requirement, as it guarantees a seamless and efficient process from the initial case creation stage all the way to the final report generation and ongoing monitoring.

Reduced Risk

Enhance alert generation by configuring screening rules with our AI-driven, industry-leading search algorithms, minimizing false positives and risk exposure.

Cross-Industry Adoption

AML Watcher facilitates industry-specific risk scoring and flexible rules of screening while maintaining centralized control over the entire screening process and configurations.

Automated Compliance

Automate checks to improve regulatory compliance and decrease risk probability. AML Watcher centralizes watchlist management and offers preconfigured screening parameters to reduce operational costs and time.

Simplified Screening

Get quick access to a vast repertoire of watchlists, match rules, and deployment options that match the requirements of the framework within which you operate.

Global Compliance

Stay Globally Compliant with Our User-Friendly Solution

AML Watcher’s multi-tenant capability makes customer screening easy across multiple countries and diverse industries. By using rule-based monitoring and scalable watchlists, experience a wide range of solutions all within a single solution.

Compliance Across Industry

Use our proprietary network of industry-specific watchlists to screen individuals and companies from 235+ countries and territories. Screen through 1300+ regulatory and disciplinary authority official lists from around the world for effective risk assessment. Our global watchlists database contains:

  • Fugitive Lists
  • Exclusion Lists
  • Fraud Warnings
  • Debarment Lists
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Enforcement Actions
  • Wanted Lists
  • Restricted and Denied Party Lists
  • Fitness and Probity Lists

Infographic of the different types of watchlists AML Watcher searches from.