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Multi-tier PEP Screening Made Easier

Achieve unparalleled compliance and foster trustful customer relationships with AML Watcher's PEP Screening. Our solution ensures
rigorous screening of politically exposed persons, their family members and close associates, aligning with both domestic and international regulatory standards.

Infographic of Albert Parker generating alert because of relationship to PEPs

PEP Screening

Unmatched Ease Throughout PEP Compliance Journey

Anti-money laundering (AML) regulations mandate that financial institutions must enact enhanced due diligence (EDD) measures when engaging with politically exposed persons (PEPs) to effectively mitigate the potential risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing.

Stay Updated with Global PEP Lists

With access to multi-jurisdictional data across 235+Β countries and states, ensure real-time compliance with the most up-to-date PEP lists.

Avoid Regulatory Pitfalls

Swiftly identify and screen PEPs to prevent potential legal complications and safeguard your organization's reputation.

Unearth Hidden Connections

Utilize our proprietary entity linking technology, advanced network analysis tools, and secondary matching capabilities to reveal intricate networks among PEPs, ensuring rigorous compliance with AML/CFT standards.

Streamlined Reporting

Benefit from automated record-keeping & audit trails combined with preset matching parameters like fuzzy matching & risk scores, simplifying the compliance process for MLROs.

Scaling for Excellence

Global PEP Screening Made Accessible for All

Strengthen customer relationships with AML Watcher's PEP Screening. Our multi-tenant capability ensures seamless PEP screening across various countries and industries, using tailored match rules and lists – all consolidated in one solution. Ensure data confidentiality with on-premises deployment.

Global PEP Database

Leverage our extensive network of PEP lists to screen individuals from 235+ countries and states. Our database includes:

  • High-Risk Individuals
  • Relatives and Close Associates
  • International and Domestic PEPs
  • Historical PEP Records