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The emerging nature of financial crimes dismantles traditional ways of screening. Strike a perfect balance between innovation and compliance with AML Watcher by deploying advanced screening measures that leave no risk undetected.  

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We are driven to change how you screen your customers. Modify your AML controls with the authentic, advanced, and accurate technology that helps improve screening & security.

Biometric AML

While others still rely on traditional ways of matching, AML Watcher takes the lead by integrating next-generation,enhanced biometric face-matching technology resulting in the most accurate and precise matches with reduced wait time.

Revolutionize the screening process with advanced, multi-aspect facial screening solutions embedded with the cutting-edge technology of face detection, feature identification, and 3D analysis backed up by:

  • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
  • Advanced Feature Detection
  • Deep Learning

Custom Whitelisting/Blacklisting

Scalable to industry-specific risk thresholds,our innovative edge extends beyond standard screening rules to custom rules and risk criteria tailored to your specific needs,allowing you to apply your custom risk framework globally and drive precise risk assessments with unmatched flexibility.

Upload custom datasets along your your risk criteria for targeted screening outcomes to shape an optimized screening process based on your custom risk framework enabling:

  • Custom Insights
  • Routing Flexibility
  • Easy-To-Navigate Results

Exact Name Matching

AML Watcher intelligently combats the challenge of complex name matching by navigating minor variations in name, typos, and aliases, all with utmost precision and the highest degree of accuracy.

Rising above conventional screening, our innovative edge is backed up with advanced measures including adaptation to multiple languages and jurisdictions with localization in 80+ languages enabling efficiency, accuracy, and capability for global screening.

From Arabic scriptures to handling aliases our competitive screening power not only comprehends risks but detects intricate layers of similarity for the most accurate and precise matching.

With AML Watcher, step confidently into a future where technology transcends boundaries, ensuring robust and accurate identity verification across a spectrum of individuals and entities using:

  • Phonetic Analysis
  • Proximal Name Matching
  • Cross-Cultural Matching
  • Fuzzy Matching

Adaptable Risk Scoring Engine

Leverage our powerful engine presenting custom risk scoring, allowing for easy implementation of bespoke business needs.

Our enhanced, data-driven risk engine, assigns a risk level to each customer by closely evaluating them with optimized screening technology to dynamically adjust to emerging threats by dedicating efforts to credible alerts, drilling down false positives, and resource allocation to minimal while enabling:

  • Pre-set Risk Parameters
  • Targeted Screening
  • In-depth Network Analysis

AML Watcher’s Matrix

Name + DoB + Image + (ID)unique = Less False Positive

Traditional Equation Matrix

  • Conventional AML screening measures can only search against two parameters covering name and date of birth (DOB), which is not readily available for all customers.

  • No additional search parameters for advanced and precise screening.

  • Less precise screening results in a surge of irrelevant matches leading to extended wait time and delayed decision making.

  • Screening against outdated parameters with no tailored screening contributes to more false positives, elevated human error, and ultimately greater exposure to risk.

AML Watcher Equation Matrix

  • Our equation's strength lies in the inclusion of additional parameters such as name, image, and unique identifiers, which are readily available for all customers.

  • Additional search parameters for advanced, precise, and accurate screening with unique identifiers such as:.

Image, ID Number, Passport Details, Unique Identifier, Address information

  • By integrating cutting-edge features including fuzzy logic matching and machine learning, we enable a higher level of accuracy and reliability with ultra-low false positives for all screening measures.

  • A combination of tailored risk scoring, and entity linking technology enables precise matching with ultra-low false positives ensuring better protection against fraud and risks.

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