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Enable Easy Access to Offshore Insights

In the realm of AML compliance, Internationally Leaked Documents Screening is indispensable. It delves into offshore connections, screens vast volumes of leaked data, and elevates KYC/AML standards, ensuring thorough due diligence and unparalleled financial transparency. Equip your organization with this tool to stay ahead in compliance and trust-building.

Investigative Compliance

All-in-One Solution for International Leaks Database Detection

AML Watcher's Internationally Leaked Documents Screening Solution is a powerful tool designed to help businesses and financial institutions gain valuable insights into potential high-risk customers or entities engaging in illicit financial activities.

Global Coverage

Keep yourself informed with regular updates on potential risks associated with your clients and business partners with easy access to international leaks.

Real-time Updates

Stay updated with real-time and reliable alerts on any new information revealed about your customers and partners.

Comprehensive Analysis

Harness the power of advanced AI/ML algorithms that let you effectively search through vast amounts of information in no time. Stay updated with in-depth AML risk analysis with AML Watcher.

Automated Reporting

Reduce the burden of compliance teams and MLROs with AML Watcher’s automated reporting mechanism that lets you generate comprehensive reports with a single click.