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3-Tier Donor Screening for Improved Efficiency

Uphold the principles of transparency and authenticity, ensuring that each contribution undergoes a rigorous risk assessment process to protect against financial vulnerabilities stemming from non-compliant or suspicious donors.

AML Watcher: Donor Screening will Optimize Social Impact with Bespoke Donor Screening

Protecting Your Vision

AML Watcher Makes Donor Screening Simple

Experience donor screening with our AML Watcher solution. Trust in our expertise to safeguard your organization's integrity and compliance with top-tier donor screening capabilities

Maximize Precise Alerts

Harness AML Watcher’s advanced matching algorithm and data quality engine to minimize the risk of false positives and missing high-risk alerts.

Transparent Outcomes

Demonstrate unwavering integrity and commitment to donor transparency and fulfill your compliance responsibility towards institutions.

Global Coverage

Screen beyond traditional sources, across prominent AML risk databases and exclusion lists, facilitating seamless expansion into global markets.

Effortless Integration

Enable a reliable screening process that allows quick onboarding with on-premise screening compatibility aligning well with your existing systems and workflow.

Combat Challenges

Lead the way with Uncomplicated Compliance

Enable better corporate decision-making, lower compliance costs, and thwart fraud with our top-of-the-line donor screening solutions.

AML Watcher: Donor Screening will help us to Secure Cross border Fund transfer

Secure Cross border Fund transfer

Conduct tailored enhanced due diligence to verify the authenticity of funds and partners with automated alerts for any donor profile changes, empower proactive compliance actions, foster informed decisions, prevent potential vulnerabilities, and bolster fund screening.

  • Accurate Matching
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Tailored Relevancy Score
  • Customized Search Filters
  • Minimum False Positive

AML Watcher: Donor Screening also Minimise Risks With Advanced Data Indexes

Minimise Risks With Advanced Data Indexes

Utilize sophisticated algorithms and tailored risk assessment models to map donor fund sources, outline suspicious activities, and ensure pertinent AML regulations to maintain high ethical standards.

  • Real-Time Risk Alerts
  • Entity-Specific Risk Thresholds
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Customized Risk Mapping
  • Efficient Gap Alert

AML Watcher: Donor Screening: This image shows to Enhance Screening Outcomes With AI-Powered Modules

Enhance Screening Outcomes With AI-Powered Modules

Elevate donor screenings with advanced pattern recognition filters. Adeptly identify name variations, transliterations, and misspellings,
and guarantee precise matches and a significant reduction in false positives.

  • Proximal Name Matching
  • Phonetic Analysis
  • Cross-Border Matching
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Aliases Recognition

AML Watcher: Donor Screening verify Conduct Smooth Operations With Intelligent Screening

Conduct Smooth Operations With Intelligent Screening

Demonstrate a commitment to ethical fundraising practices. Leverage intuitive and intelligent screening of AML Watcher to detect risky profiles among beneficiaries, stakeholders, and the general public with:

  • Quick Audit Trials
  • Customized Whitelist/Blacklist Checks
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Real-time Risk Updates

Compliance Challenges

Handle Challenges with Ease & Control

Donor information is sensitive. According to ISO-3000, organizations are obligated to maintain data quality while keeping security measures intact. Take full control of your screening measures by:

Deploying an industry-specific risk-based approach for efficient screening against targeted risks.

Keeping up with evolving AML regulation and compliance challenges with an updated, consolidated database.

Reducing reliance by deploying on-premise solutions, enabling the highest level of confidentiality and security with on-premise solutions

Integrating within existing workflow an efficient donor screening process that enables utmost precision, efficiency, and accuracy.

Risky Money Flow 

When Screening Falls Short, Risks Rise

In adherence to FATF Recommendations, organizations are mandated to implement a risk-based approach and donor screening to prevent inadvertent involvement in illicit financing. The absence of AML protocols increases the likelihood of risks, including:

Subject To Potential Exploitation

Engaging in global partnerships negotiates the complexities of cross-border transactions, which renders financial operations vulnerable to potential exploitation, causing regulatory violations.

Outdated Screening Mechanisms

Neglecting to screen against the most up-to-date data index using advanced measures makes efficient financial assessment challenging for AML compliance.

Fund Blockage with Negative Media Coverage

The media coverage for the organization's failure to conduct proper due diligence damages its reputation at the global level and disrupts business operations.

Donor Anonymity Invites Terror Financing

Reluctance to infringe upon donor privacy and relinquish enhanced due diligence may be a pathway for terrorist financiers and money launderers to transfer illegal money.

Get Compliance Right

Embrace Effortless Donor Screening

Discover unparalleled donor screening to navigate the realm of donor compliance with confidence.

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