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Shield Against Regrettable Hires

Obtain quick access to employment history checks, criminal background checks, financial checks, right-to-work lists, or any other employee background check specific to your industry. Onboard candidates with confidence and accelerate your business operations.

Report showing result for PEP, Adverse Media and Watchlist of a person

Price Of Inefficient Screening

Irrefutable Needs For Streamlined Screening

One wrong hiring decision can threaten the organizational culture, endangering customer accounts and portfolios, confidential internal data and processes, workplace security and safety, and ultimately ruin the reputation of the business.

Compliance Issues

Hiring employees without proper background or work eligibility checks causes legal issues. You inadvertently hire someone with a criminal history or an unlicensed employee, resulting in fines, lawsuits, or reputational damage.

Data Security Risks

Hiring unscreened employees to positions that have quick access to sensitive information can pose data security risks and maximize data breach rates.

Complicate Hiring Procedure

Intricate employment processes lead to recruiting the wrong candidates leading to elevated turnover rates. This incurs substantial costs related to recruitment, training, and decreased productivity.

Inefficient Recruitment

Hiring employees who don’t fit well with your organizational culture can ruin morale, employee performance, and teamwork. It can lead to a toxic work environment, conflict, and a higher negative culture.

Precision Beyond Doubt

Setting Standard with Effortless Background Screening

Create a value-driven environment with our transparent, competent, quick, and regulatory-compliant employee background checks that cover:

Results generated by using unique ACT-ID for employee background screening

Screen Employees Across Multiple Dimensions

Develop a thorough screening procedure that takes into account many facets of the applicant's background, covering:

  • Demographic Information
  • Facial Biometric
  • Geographical Risk Mapping
  • Employment History
  • Educational Records

Results showing no criminal record from identification card screening of a person

Secure Hiring with Global Data Index

Determine whether the applicant has a criminal record/association, has an active warrant for their arrest, is on probation, or is subject to any sanctions via all-inclusive screening coverage of:

  • FATF Regulatory
  • UN Security Council Resolutions
  • OFAC Sanctions
  • EU Anti-Money Laundering Directives (AMLDs)
  • UK Sanctions Act

Unique identifiers of a person for AML Screening

Streamline Compliance Using Secondary Matching

Attain a sophisticated layer of scrutiny to detect minute spelling discrepancies and pseudonyms, address transliteration challenges, and ensure global uniformity for a precise screening process. Minimize cross-border complexities by 

  • Proximal Name Matching
  • Phonetic Analysis
  • Cross-Border Matching
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Aliases Recognition

Watchlist report of United States depicting PEP alert of a person

Navigate Excellence With Optimal Risk Assessment

Attain risk-relevant data to seamlessly identify high-risk profiles, habitual imposters, PEPs, and Sanctioned individuals. Employ comprehensive screening protocols and evaluate  part-time, remote, or full-time employees, minimizing the likelihood of risks using: 

  • Comprehensive Background Checks
  • Automated Alert Generation 
  • Custom Risk Mapping and Alert Thresholds
  • Accurate Checks with Ultra less False Positives 
  • Custom “Add List” Feature 

Effortless Workforce Screening

All-in-One Workforce Screening Solution

Transform your risk assessment with an all-compliant onboarding suite.

Ensuring a compliant employee force is a critical task that begins with an efficient Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Screening process. This process is not just a formality but a vital step in safeguarding the integrity and reputation of the organization. AML Watcher, a robust and sophisticated system, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. When a potential employee's information enters the system, AML Watcher initiates a comprehensive, multi-layered screening process.

Step-by-step visual representation for employee background check

Streamlined Screening a Challenge? No More!

Conduct meticulous screening of employee background checks and stay ahead of high-risk individuals by deploying a customer-focused and compliance-centered approach, allowing for easy integration of screening capabilities into your established workflows, enabling:

Unmatched Accuracy

Customizable Risk Parameters

Streamlined Onboarding

Get Compliance Right

Simplify Resource On-boarding

Accelerate your hiring process with our bespoke, end-to-end employee background screening solutions.

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