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Comprehensive User Screening Made Easy

Leverage cutting-edge biometric AML screening to ensure user credibility compliant with regulatory requirements. Ensure that your customers are who they claim to be by utilizing advanced verification measures.

AML Watcher User Screening: This infographic shows Transform Users into Valued Customers

One-Click Verification

Comply Safely, Screen Simply

AML Watcher is driven to establish industry benchmarks with cutting-edge user screening, risk assessment, and fraud prevention. Proactively screen, track, and report suspicious activity across individuals and entities.

AML Watcher: User Screening: helps us to Achieve Accuracy With Unmatched Data Quality

Achieve Accuracy With Unmatched Data Quality

Mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities by maintaining consistently accurate and up-to-date databases through ongoing user screening.

  • Multi-Layered Risk Detection
  • High-Precision Data Sources
  • Real-Time Data Updates
  • Advance Data Enrichment

AML Watcher: User Screening: helps us to Identify High-Risk Individuals in Seconds

Identify High-Risk Individuals in Seconds

Screen users across industries by flagging high-risk individuals with unparalleled accuracy. Improve due diligence with adaptable risk levels ascribed to each user by:

  • Custom Fuzzy Logic Matching
  • Industry-Specific Risk Thresholds
  • Custom Add List" Feature
  • Location Specific Screening
  • Tailored Risk Mapping

AML Watcher: User Screening: will Keep track of evolving risks

Keep track of evolving risks

Rapidly track and delve into dubious activities or trends thwarting real-time money laundering operations by frequently reviewing
customer profiles against global watchlists and risk databases.

  • Proactive Risk Analysis
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Configurable Process Automation
  • Streamlined Case Management
  • Rapid Audit Trails

AML Watcher: User Screening: also Comply with global sanction regimes with confidence

Comply with global sanction regimes with confidence 

Abide by rigorous global AML requirements, intended to eradicate malicious acts, fraudulent activities, and other illicit activities, enabling  

  • Enhanced Global Compliance
  • Minimize False Positive
  • Cross-Border Operations
  • Batch Processing
  • Integrated Global Databases

Insight to Challenges

Danske Bank Pleaded Guilty For Incompetent User Verification

The US Department of Justice instigated proceedings against Danske Bank, citing deficiencies in the bank's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls of user screening. Significant lapses in due diligence protocols led to challenges including:

An inefficient user verification system enabled billions of suspicious transactions.

Incompetent compliance incurred substantial legal repercussions.

Lack of high-risk user screening exhibited real-time threats.

AML Watcher: User Screening: This image shows Danske Bank Pleaded Guilty For Incompetent User Verification

Customer-Centric Innovation

Driven By Customer-Focused Approach

Committed to prioritizing adaptability,  innovation, and an unparalleled screening experience, empower your compliance and security measures with a customer-centric approach driven to elevate efficiency, accuracy and confidence by enabling:

Custom Sanctions Screening

Adaptable Risk Scoring

On-Premises Deployment

Initiative Driven Protocols

Save Time with Effortless Screening

Prevent illicit access, fraud event threats, and sensitive data loss with our expeditious and streamlined AML user screening processes.

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